Life is beautiful….

Being a great admirer of life, I have always found that Life is beautiful. But today I jotted down few of the things that is making my life beautiful of late….

Life is beautiful….

When you meet your elderly relatives after a long gap and feel happy about the whole thing….

When the lot of old time-friends meet or greet you over a phone in a row of few days making you nostalgic about the beautiful times and places that you had spent and lived together….

When your kids are away and thus you may leave your pens, books, laptop, etc. wherever you like (in your own home) without having a fear of it being used for alternative purposes……

When you are all by yourself for the entire evening, relax, feel good and then when you are just about to start feeling bored, whole bunch of friends turn up at your place ….

When you make a coffee without anybody’s help and it turns out to be ok types (to me)…..

When your frank and fearless friends actually do praise the coffee that you have made, making you believe that it was really the ok types….

When you are feeling light, high and happy (the most important thing being the fact that money has nothing to do with this …)

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