Hello world!

Hello everyone!

This is my first blog ever….

This, the first of my blogs (hopefully many more coming soon consistently) is an outcome of what can be termed as my necessity to express.

Who am I?

There could be different higher level answers to this question by philosophers, spiritual people and likewise, but from a mere mortal that I am, the answer is as follows:

I am Harshad, Harshad Ramchandra Pendse. This is the way traditionally we the people from Maharashtra tell our name, the middle one being that of the father. You may observe that the trend is changing and people just introduce themselves with only the first name (as if ashamed of who their father is and the family not exactly being Tatas, Birlas or Ambanis) You are what you are and cannot go away from your roots and ancestral links. Anyways….

I am a civil engineer (actually for some I am not entitled to call myself one, because the qualification I have is  a diploma in civil engineering and not a graduate degree and have not attended proper college per say…) I am having some years of experience in various fields of civil engineering and more than that (lately the kind of work I was doing was very less to do with any engineering forget about civil engineering) and could be termed as management.  I have recently completed my MBA in finance (I studied a full time course after a gap of almost 18 years and was very skeptical initially about the whole thing) Upon completion, I must say that it was the experience worth taking and have no hesitation in terming the last year as one of the best in my life. Now all equipped with the lessons learnt at the B school, I am all set and raring to go.

Why today (did I start my first blog… )

Today I am all by myself and there is no one to disturb me. In fact this fact it-self is disturbing. For long time now I am not habitual having no one around me; whether I am at home, college or workplace. Of course all human beings are social animals and I am no exception, but once in a while it feels good to have all the space for yourself . Thus I take this opportunity to post my first blog ever. I always wanted to air and share my views, angles, perception, etc. about just anything and everything that came to my mind with the world on the net (Even now I keep doing this verbally in front of available audience).


Bharath (and mind all of you not just Bharat) Jadhav and Brig Naidu are the ones who have had a great influence on my decision to start my own blog. They are the only people whom I know in person and do blog on regular basis.

Prachiti, a dear friend has also been the source of inspiration (if she can start her own blog so can I…) and with this her responsibility has increased as we are waiting to hear from her after a great start ….


It would be unfair if I say I will be unaffected if you-all like the way I have started. I would not mind even if some of you-all feel otherwise. However I would be extremely disappointed if you do not care enough to write a comment on my first effort.  Therefore please do provide your comments…. they would be very precious for me…..

I think all in all, this is neat start.  I take your leave for now with a promise to keep writing as long as I feel so ….


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